Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happenings in Honduras

God is good! He is working miraculously here in Santa Elena and continues to strengthen our faith daily. We are truly blessed to be called out by Him to to be serving Him here in Honduras.

Updates since December:
  • Farming Project-Pedro and Pedro are producing yucca, frijoles, corn and pataste (a vine vegetable with a pear-like shape and texture, but more akin to a potato in soup). Coffee is in the ground but will take about 2 years to mature into a significant harvest. Plantains have also been planted.
  • Houses will begin being build in April for the poorest in our community.  We will be working with those families who will help build their own houses as well as with David Forehand and the Fuller Center.
  • Marcos and Javier graduated in November 2012. Javier is attending a private college in Peña Blanca to study computer engineering. Marcos will be studying to be a doctor (pediatrician) who goes in the remote areas to serve the people and share the gospel.
  • The areas is becoming safe again. Since November, Santa Elena has had 7 murders and had become very dangerous. The police have set a curfew for the community now and the fear  and oppression is beginning to subside.
  • We began to make necklaces from paper in October. This ministry is going strong and many are making tons of necklaces to sell for livelihood. One lady has built a kitchen so she does not have to cook outside. She also plans to sell more necklaces so that she can have running water in her home. Another lady plans to build a bathroom onto her house with the income she receives from her necklaces.
  • We have opened a school for Kindergarten through 6th grade children to learn. The curriculum we use is a Christian curriculum (ACE) where we stress the Bible, discipline based on the Bible, reason based on the Bible, and teach everyday things based on the Bible. It is a bilingual school where most classes are taught in English and 3 classes are in Spanish. Eleven students attend so far and their progress is great! This curriculum is teaching the children that they are responsible for their learning where they set their own goals each week. It requires that in order to move on, they must pass a test with an 80 or above to be considered "mastering" the work. This is a huge blessing, yet an unexpected endeavor God has allowed us to lead. We are so thankful to God for leading us to this!
  • We currently have 23 living with us during the week. Seven children from Los Piños go home for the weekend and return Sunday afternoon. During the past violent times, we had a total of 32 in our home.  The bathroom that was built in October is a true blessing to us, especially during those tough times.
Needs and Prayer Request:
  • In order for Marcos to go to medical school to become a pediatrician, he will have to save the funds to go to school. The school is accepting new students Feb 2014 so he has some time to raise the money. It will cost him $650/month or $7800/year to do what God has called him to do. If you wish to sponsor Marcos on the path God has called him into, please contact us or indicate on your check for Marcos Reyes. Pray for His faith in this endeavor. No one has the money here to help him go to school so it takes great faith to even think about becoming a doctor here.
  • Safety is a continued prayer request.
  • We are in need of places to sell the beads that the people make. We have about 2000 necklaces to sell so we are praying for open doors in that area. God is truly getting the glory for what is being done through these people.
  • Please pray for the school we have opened. Pray that we continue to be the witnesses that God has called us to be to these children and that we are teaching them lessons that will stay with them and more importantly that they are learning God's Word to pass down to the generations.
  • If you wish to give to Jeremiah 29:11 Mission, you may sent a donation to any of the three churches listed on our supporters tab. As always, we covet your prayers more than anything!