Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mission Opportunuity

Matthew 4:23
23 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people.

Helping Hands at the Hospital

                  Assisting people in the hospital
Location:  San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Need: A person to assist families and family members in the hospital.
            These families will need help:
·       Understanding what the doctors are telling them.
·       Understanding how the hospital system works.
·       Purchasing drugs and medical supplies and finding resources to pay etc.
·       Understanding basic sanitation for the room and for the patient.
·       Praying with, comforting and helping the patient and family cope with death, loss of limbs, and life changing illnesses.

If God is leading you in this area, please contact us as soon as possible for more information.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

God is with us!

Chuck and I have really learned to appreciate the medical care and the hospitals in the States. Silvia, the girl who injured her leg in the accident, is in a public hospital in San Pedro. It does not cost anything to stay in the hospital but they do not provide anything, other than a room shared by five people. The rooms do not have air condition, are not very clean. The patients receive very little medical attention and absolutely no medical supplies. If the patient needs something, even as small as Band-Aids or gauze, someone has to go and buy them at the

pharmacy. For this reason, Chuck and I have spent a lot of time in San Pedro. Silvia needs pain meds, a very strong antibiotic, and things to keep the wound clean. This week the doctors removed all of the dead tissue in hopes of allowing new tissue and skin to grow. The doctors say it is a miracle that the veins have repaired themselves and the blood is flowing well. Praise God! Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray that the new tissue and skin will develop and that God will heal her 100%.
As you know from earlier post, Silvia is a new Christian and we have been praying she will not lose her faith but that she will grow as she learns to fully depend on God for healing. She has missed being in church and the church has missed her sweet presence so we loaded the church up and brought them to San Pedro. We had a beautiful service outside the hospital for everyone who would come and listen.
As a result of spending a lot of time in San Pedro, we have met several of the “street children”. They are very poor children who either live on the street or work the streets for money. We have decided to take the youth and young men in our home and maybe a few others to witness to these kids. They need to know where their true hope is and to know that there is a Savior who loves and cares for them.

We had a record number in church on Saturday night.  We had a visiting preacher and had over 100 in attendance.  I feel some of those were visiting from other churches, but we are growing and I do hope and pray that those who were visiting and do not have a church home, will come again.

Monday, April 22, 2013

God is in control...

Remember, TODAY, To praise God for His love, grace and mercy and to hug those close to you. Our recent ordeal with the truck crash, (For those of you just hearing about this everyone is ok) has been used by God to do several things. It has allowed our little church to grow in faith, has pushed our preacher to live an even more victorious life even though he is already a strong Christian; he is a man out of the boat. And it has caused us to remember what really counts in this life. 
As we were loading the truck I looked at Tiffany and said, "that’s every possession they have in this world". They had much less than a truck load, a five member family. No sooner had I said this, I heard Medi say to a little girl by her, "they have so much stuff, look, they have 5 beds!".
I thought how hard Pastor Jaun Carlos had worked for these few possessions and how much they must mean to him. I had no idea how soon we were going to find out what he thought about them and how much he loved them. 
About ten minutes later we were in a creek with 10 people scattered on the ground and not sure who was hurt or the extent of their injuries and I heard two things that re-focused me and reminded me who I am and where I need to be. One of the people, with in the first minute, said to the Pastor so much of your stuff is broken and he said it’s only stuff, the important thing is that all things are in the hands of God. He will take care of this. He gathered the two conscious members of his family in his arms and sat on a rock and began to pray. I went and checked on his wife and other child as they were beginning to move. The wife had a broken wrist and dislocated shoulder and thank God the daughter was only bruised. I then saw the preacher comforting a new believer that was crying because he couldn’t find the shoulder bag that had his bible in it, "if it gets wet, if it does I can’t read my bible, I need my bible." He was next to his wife who was injured and fading in and out of consciousness. We got the bag and the bible is was not wet. 
They say that in the time of crisis our true colors come through, I so hope that is true. I have been reminded that I need to, in the storms, remember who holds me in their hands and who to cling to when there is absolutely nothing I can do about my situation. 

Thank you God, for looking after us and teaching us to sing even when we are in the rain. Lord, give your peace and comfort to those who live in helplessness.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happenings in Honduras

God is good! He is working miraculously here in Santa Elena and continues to strengthen our faith daily. We are truly blessed to be called out by Him to to be serving Him here in Honduras.

Updates since December:
  • Farming Project-Pedro and Pedro are producing yucca, frijoles, corn and pataste (a vine vegetable with a pear-like shape and texture, but more akin to a potato in soup). Coffee is in the ground but will take about 2 years to mature into a significant harvest. Plantains have also been planted.
  • Houses will begin being build in April for the poorest in our community.  We will be working with those families who will help build their own houses as well as with David Forehand and the Fuller Center.
  • Marcos and Javier graduated in November 2012. Javier is attending a private college in Peña Blanca to study computer engineering. Marcos will be studying to be a doctor (pediatrician) who goes in the remote areas to serve the people and share the gospel.
  • The areas is becoming safe again. Since November, Santa Elena has had 7 murders and had become very dangerous. The police have set a curfew for the community now and the fear  and oppression is beginning to subside.
  • We began to make necklaces from paper in October. This ministry is going strong and many are making tons of necklaces to sell for livelihood. One lady has built a kitchen so she does not have to cook outside. She also plans to sell more necklaces so that she can have running water in her home. Another lady plans to build a bathroom onto her house with the income she receives from her necklaces.
  • We have opened a school for Kindergarten through 6th grade children to learn. The curriculum we use is a Christian curriculum (ACE) where we stress the Bible, discipline based on the Bible, reason based on the Bible, and teach everyday things based on the Bible. It is a bilingual school where most classes are taught in English and 3 classes are in Spanish. Eleven students attend so far and their progress is great! This curriculum is teaching the children that they are responsible for their learning where they set their own goals each week. It requires that in order to move on, they must pass a test with an 80 or above to be considered "mastering" the work. This is a huge blessing, yet an unexpected endeavor God has allowed us to lead. We are so thankful to God for leading us to this!
  • We currently have 23 living with us during the week. Seven children from Los Piños go home for the weekend and return Sunday afternoon. During the past violent times, we had a total of 32 in our home.  The bathroom that was built in October is a true blessing to us, especially during those tough times.
Needs and Prayer Request:
  • In order for Marcos to go to medical school to become a pediatrician, he will have to save the funds to go to school. The school is accepting new students Feb 2014 so he has some time to raise the money. It will cost him $650/month or $7800/year to do what God has called him to do. If you wish to sponsor Marcos on the path God has called him into, please contact us or indicate on your check for Marcos Reyes. Pray for His faith in this endeavor. No one has the money here to help him go to school so it takes great faith to even think about becoming a doctor here.
  • Safety is a continued prayer request.
  • We are in need of places to sell the beads that the people make. We have about 2000 necklaces to sell so we are praying for open doors in that area. God is truly getting the glory for what is being done through these people.
  • Please pray for the school we have opened. Pray that we continue to be the witnesses that God has called us to be to these children and that we are teaching them lessons that will stay with them and more importantly that they are learning God's Word to pass down to the generations.
  • If you wish to give to Jeremiah 29:11 Mission, you may sent a donation to any of the three churches listed on our supporters tab. As always, we covet your prayers more than anything!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Recent Updates

Hello everyone I hope this note finds you all doing well. Remember that God knows you and has a plan for your life. A plan to prosper you, not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future. Take a minute to think about that plan and your future with God. This could be the most exciting thing you will ever do.
This is our message to the people we work with here in Honduras.


1. Gillionville Baptist gave us all new beds that will hold 24 people. No more cushions on the floor.

Praise be to God, we sleep on clouds now. We have a new restroom and shower. Imagine 15 to 20
people with one restroom and one shower. I thought Joyce was going to kiss Curtis and Bobby. GBC
did a great job showing Christ to the people here; we are still getting comments about you all.
2. Joyce had to make a trip home to be with her mother and father. She enjoyed it and her mother is doing
better each day. Praise God and keep Nancy in your prayers. Her parents have been a great example for
us over the years.

3. We have a new baby. Blanca gave birth to a 6 lb baby boy Edicson Mauricio Garcia. He has been a
blessing to us.

October the 15 2012 was a special day. A new sound never before heard on the earth was released. It could only be heard by those close to the earth and seeking to hear it. People that love life and cherish it’s newness and nourish it’s aging. It was small but new and sweeter than the smell of new roses on dewy morning. It was truly a miraculous gift from God who heard it before the dawn of time. It came at 12:25 in the afternoon softer than and ocean breeze touching the cheeks of a million faces and if you heard it you stopped for a moment breathed it in smiled and life was better for you. Edicson Mauricio Garcia took his first breath and the exhale moved the air over the earth with a gentle cry that brought tears to eyes of those who heard him and made the angels in heaven stop their singing to listen. Thank you God for his life.

Prayer request:
1. As you all know the world economy is not as good as it has been in the past. When the economy falls, crime rises and the people that work and have positions become preyed upon. Our area has been safe for us in the past but it is becoming more dangerous. Pray for our continued safety.

2. Blanca has had the baby but has some very hard decisions to make in upcoming weeks about her future. She will start English Classes next Monday and return to school in January and finish High school in 9 months and then start college to work on her degree in education and business. Her grades have been excellent over the past two years. Her future and more importantly the future of her children without an education is bleak.
3. Pray for Javier, Michael and Marcos as they move past high school and struggle with the temptation to go to work instead of college. It is our prayer that they will attend seminary.
4. As always, pray for our Children.

1. A concrete block machine for the youth to raise money for Evangelical trips.

2. A really good weed eater or push mower.

3. Clothes dryer

4. A diesel van. We get letters thanking us for the van we have from OPEC. Haha!

5. For you to come see us.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Lord I have never been with out food
I do not know the pain of the hungry

I have always been blessed with water
I have not felt the want of the thirsty in this world

I have always been cared for
I do not know the loneliness of the uncared for

I have never been with out love
I do not know the emptiness of the unloved of this world

Lord in Gratitude
I surrender myself to be your servant to the needy of this world
Grant me the honor and privilege of being you witness, your hands and your feet

Holy Spirit in your presence I will find peace
Father in your word I will find comfort
From your martyrs, I will gain strength and courage
And in the doing of your work, I will find wholeness

In your Son, my savior, I will find renewal
And finally in your arms, I will find the freedom found only in your love

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lesson from Luis

Luis Alberto Sabillon Rivera

Psalms: Where can I go that you are not there.

II Corinthians 1: We suffered much and thought that we should parish and would have if it were not for the Lord.

Luis is a quiet, to the side, kind of child. One of those children living in the peripheral of this world; not hiding but silent and unnoticed. If approached he is quick to give you a smile and a hug but slow to give you his guarded heart. Once he gives you his heart you will learn the unfairness of the fallen world and at the same time the greatness of a God that loves his people.

Luis suffers from epilepsy. In the past he had as many as ten seizures a day. The people in his remote village think that a local witch placed a curse on him. He became a social outcast and was not allowed to attend school. Today, through medicine his seizures are better controlled and he is being tutored to ready him for continuing education.

Luis has witnessed much violence and abuse in his short twelve years of life. He was present for his fathers’ murder and watched him die. Then two years later he witnessed his step fathers’ murder. His mothers’ third husband was a violet man and they were often beaten by him. Because of her life, his mother suffered mentally and abandon him. He was taken in by neighbors and lived in a community where he was sexually abused for two years. From there he came to live with us.

Through all of this, he has maintained a heart that is soft, sweet, and gentle; a heart that wants to protect the weaker children around him. One day I ask him how can you be so happy, kind and gentle? He thought for a minute and answered because God lives in my heart.

The life of Luis has many messages for us. The most important is the message of recognition. Luis recognizes who holds his life and cares for him. Luis recognizes that no matter where he is or what happens, that God is with him. Luis recognizes that God restores and heals the most broken of lives. Luis recognizes that there is no place he can go that God is not there with him. Yes at age twelve he recognizes the fullness God. This recognition gives him a settled and peaceful heart.

Luis told me that one day he wanted to be a preacher so he could tell people about God and what He has done for him. For Luis I ask you this. Do you know God in His fullness? Do you know that he holds you in his hand. God knows you in great detail and longs to be in a relationship with you. Open yourself to Him and enjoy His presence in your life today.

We thank you for caring for us. It is you that we feel in us when we find the courage to forgive and overcome the brutality of this world. Father thank you that there is no place we can go that you are not there with us. Lord put your arms around us today.

Thank you Centenary United Methodist Church and Pete Heath for your heart of love you so willingly and freely gave to Luis regardless of the risk of heart break.