Jeremiah 29:11 Mission began December 1, 2011 with the purpose of empowering the people of Honduras. To empower the people means “to give them the ability to be spiritually, physically, and financially self-supportive and to break their dependency on agencies and missionaries, giving them dignity and self-respect,” says Chuck Harper, founder of the mission program.  Chuck and his wife/cofounder, Joyce, moved to Santa Elena, Honduras May 2010 along with three of their five children (Michael, 18, Michelle, 16, and Layne, 8). The Harpers depend fully on God’s leading to guide them in their ministry.  Joyce very strongly states, “Doing this was not our plan but God’s definite leading. He opened the doors and He started making things happen. We are just simply depending on Him to guide us where we need to go and follow His plan for our ministry.”